Baked Goods Manufacturing

Baked Goods Manufacturing


Do you have your hands full managing the production of bread, rolls, pastries, muffins, buns and more?
That requires a lot of mixer sleeves, filter bags, vent bags, trough & bin covers, and sifter sleeves.
Siftex offers a wide choice of standard and custom-designed bags and sleeves. Let us supply your bakery
and production line needs!

If your under-conveyor tarps aren’t doing their job, we’ve got a solution for you! Our under-conveyor
Crumb-Catcher™ vinyl tarps are measured, spec’ed, manufactured and installed to fit your conveyor
needs. Innovative designs reduce the need to remove, clean and re-hang. The result is a cleaner,
more efficient and safer bakery.

Process Expo 2019

Attend the Process Expo 2019 in Chicago October 8-11 for free on behalf of Siftex Equipment Company!

Attendee invite code: 87737