Frequently Asked Questions

Are custom product prototypes available?

Yes, Siftex offers Clear-Flex SDX polyurethane and Sift-Sock fabric product prototypes on a one-off basis for evaluation of fit and suitability to the application and equipment. Ask your Siftex customer service team member for more details.

Are expedites available?

Yes, Siftex understands that our standard lead times may not always work with your schedule and requirements. Please contact a member of the customer service team for more information on reduced lead times and the associated fee.

Are Siftex products FDA Acceptable?

Yes, Siftex products noted as FDA Acceptable are in compliance with the applicable Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).

Are Siftex products FDA Approved?

No, Siftex products which are identified as “FDA Acceptable” does not mean they are
“FDA Approved”. The Food and Drug Administration is the US Federal Agency responsible for ensuring that foods are safe, wholesome and sanitary; human and veterinary drugs, biological products and medical devices are safe and effective; cosmetics are safe; and electronic products that emit radiation are safe. Before a new drug or medical device is introduced, the manufacturer must demonstrate its efficacy to the FDA and, if it passes, it must be formally approved by the FDA prior to its use.

However, the FDA does not have an approval process for thousands of products, including flexible connectors, screening cleaning devices, dust-control items and more which come into direct contact with food. The FDA does not review the composition of these products before they enter the market, nor do they inspect, test, or approve them. What the FDA does provide is an exhaustive set of regulations (Code of Federal Regulations) which govern the formulation, manufacture, and use of products intended for use in direct food contact.

As a result, the onus of compliance to these regulations is placed on the manufacturers of these products. It is for the manufacturer of the finished product intended for direct food contact to demonstrate compliance by issuing a FDA certificate. It is also important to note that while a component may be made from a FDA material that is suitable for food contact; this does not mean that the part is technically suitable for its intended application. It is the responsibility of the product user to determine if the part is acceptable for the intended use.

Because it is the manufacturer that is responsible for complying with the regulations when producing a product for use in direct food contact and not the FDA that approves the product once it is manufactured, the correct terminology is that a product intended for use in direct food contact is “FDA Compliant” or “FDA Acceptable”, not “FDA Approved.”

Are Siftex products pressure-rated?

Typically, no. Unreinforced polyurethane, rubber, vinyl and fabric sleeves will balloon in even low (0.5 psi) pressure applications. Most Siftex products are designed to be used at atmospheric pressure. Siftex does offer many types of pressure rated connecting sleeves and hoses. For more information, contact Siftex customer service.

Are technical data and MSDS sheets available for Siftex products?

Yes, click here.

Are there forms to help me draw/summarize the shape and dimensions of the connectors?

Yes, click here.

Can Siftex provide labeling of its products with my part number, line or machine location?

Yes, Siftex will at no additional charge custom label our products.
For example,

  1. Sift-Sock fabric connectors have a white Tyvek label sewn onto the hem.
  2. Crumb-Catcher vinyl products are supplied with a white Tyvek label welded into the seam at the corner of each panel.
  3. Custom Clear-Flex connectors and covers are available with a clear PSA film label or a welded clear polyurethane tag.
  4. Hi-Flex hoses can be identified with a Tyvek label affixed to the end of the hose length.
  5. BFM fitting connectors can have a clear polyurethane tag welded to the outside of the sleeve directly below the white snap-band cuff.
  6. Dura-Ball screen cleaning balls and sliders are available in clear plastic bags with a printed label.
  7. Clear-Flex seamless polyurethane tubing and seamless white FDA rubber tubing are rolled and a masking tape label is applied.

Please be sure to indicate the labeling required on your request for quotation and purchase order.

For additional information, please contact Siftex Customer Service.

Can Siftex tell me the estimated shipping cost for my order?

Yes, Siftex can calculate the approximate weight of the products and packaging to determine the estimated shipping cost for our standard products. Freight estimates for custom-made items are only available once the product has been manufactured.

Do Siftex Clear-Flex SDX products contain phthalates or BPA?


Does BFM Global offer expedited service to ship my order?

BFM fitting connectors and spigots that are not in stock at the BFM Global factory in Auckland, New Zealand require a lead time of 4 – 5 weeks.
In stock items may be shipped direct from New Zealand via FEDEx Collect to your delivery location.

Does Siftex accept credit cards?

Yes, American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.
All credit cards will be charged upon acknowledgement of the purchase order. Customers paying via credit card are eligible for the 2% early payment discount.

Does Siftex Equipment Company manufacture equipment?

No, our product line consists of standard and custom flexible connector products for powder and bulk processing, product transfer, dust-control equipment and related machinery. These include sifters, dryers, conveying systems, packaging equipment, feeders, weighing, and mixing, blending, storage hoppers and use bins, etc…
In addition, we offer screen cleaning balls and sliders, thermoplastic and rubber hoses, bags for dry filtration applications and vinyl under-conveyor tarps for commercial bakery conveyor systems.

Does Siftex have a purchase minimum?

Yes and no. Some Siftex products such as mandrel-wrapped seamless tubing and Hi-Flex hoses which are not in stock require substantial set-up time, equipment and labor. For these products, Siftex requires a purchase minimum. Contact your Siftex customer service team member for further details. The majority of Siftex products do not have a minimum purchase quantity requirement. Also, Siftex does not have a minimum invoice amount requirement.

For how long are quotes valid?

45 days from date of quote.

How can I speed the recommendation and quoting process?

When you have a specific application that needs a Siftex product solution, the fastest way to get an answer is to use our online APPLICATION ENQUIRY. This will provide us with most of the pertinent information we need to serve you promptly. Click here: https://www.siftex.com/enquiry/

How do I know the correct sizing and installation gap for BFM fittings?

An information sheet on how to determine the optimal spigot placement and connecting sleeve length is available. Click here.

How long does it take to have a product(s) quoted?

Please allow us 48-72 hours to process your request. This does not mean it will take 3 days. But, during times of very high inquiry volume your request may take more than one business day to process. You will receive a formal confirmation upon completion. If not, please contact us to make sure your request was received or if more information is needed.

How should I determine the connector diameter required?

a. If the connector is round: measure the distance directly across the center of the pipe or duct.
This is the diameter. If the pipe has any “flare” or expanded area which the connector must fit over,
be sure to include this in your measurement.

If you cannot measure directly across the pipe, measure the distance around the outside of the pipe (at its widest point if there is a “flared” end). This is the circumference. The circumference divided by 3.1416 equals the diameter.

If you cannot measure either the diameter or circumference, but you have a flexible connector which fits the opening. Lay the flex connector flat on a table. Measure the length of the flattened opening.
This measurement is one-half the circumference. Multiply this by 2 and divide by 3.1416 to calculate the diameter.

b. if the connector is to fit on an oval: first determine the circumference.
For example the circumference of an 8” x 16” Oval:
1. Multiply smaller number by 3.1416.
8 x 3.1416 = 25.1328. This is “A”.
2. Subtract smaller of the two numbers from the larger.
Multiply by 2.
16 – 8 = 8. 8 x 2 = 16. This is “B”.
3. “A” + “B” equals the Circumference
25.1328 + 16 = 41.1328
4. Circumference divided by 3.1416 = the diameter.

c. if the connector is to fit a rectangular opening: determine the perimeter by adding the length of the four sides. For example, a 12” x 24” opening has a perimeter of 12+12+24+24=72. The equivalent diameter which will fit this rectangular opening is 72 divided by 3.1416 = 22.9 inches.

How should I determine the connector length required?

The connector length is the sum of three factors: the distance between the pipes being connected + the length required for clamp attachment at both ends + the “throw” (offset motion) of the equipment. For example, if you have a 12” distance between the two pipes, plus there is 1-1/2” of length on each pipe for clamp attachment, and the machine has a 1” offset motion, then the connector length should be 12+3+1 = 16 inch connector.

How to set up an account with Siftex?

Fill out a credit application (click here) and submit to Accounting@siftex.com.

How will my order ship?

Siftex offers daily UPS and FEDEx shipments for most items. We also ship LTL service for pallets and oversized items. We ship Ex-Works (FOB) South Windsor, CT as well as Collect on an account number provided by the customer.

I have a product sample I want quoted. Who do I send it to?

Please send all samples to:
Siftex Equipment Company, Inc.
52D Connecticut Avenue
South Windsor, CT 06074

Attn: Sample Desk
Please email customerservice@siftex.com to inform us that a sample is being sent and provide a contact name to reply to once the sample is received.

I would like a Siftex representative to visit my facility. Do you have local sales reps?

Yes, Siftex has a network of local distributors as well as marketing reps for hands-on technical support. Click here for a listing of our global distributor contacts.

What are Siftex’s standard terms and conditions?

Typically, 2% 10, net 30 days. Click here for the complete explanation of Siftex terms and conditions.

What are the production minimums associated with various product families?

ClearFlex SDX seamless tubing: stock sizes: none.  Custom diameters or wall thickness: 300 to 500 feet.
ClearFlex SDX custom sleeves: none
BFM fittings: none
Hi-Flex hoses: 10 to 50 feet depending on diameter and hose material.
Seamless, mandrel-wrapped rubber tubing: typically 12 feet depending on mandrel length.
Sift-Sock fabric connectors: none
Dura-ball Screen cleaning balls and devices: stock sizes: none. Custom colors or compounds: contact Siftex customer service for more information.
Corrugated rubber sleeves: stocks sizes: none.  Certain corrugated rubber sleeve diameters and compounds may be unavailable from stock due to low volume demand.  Contact Siftex customer service for more information.
Catch-cloth vinyl tarps: none

What are the standard lead times for various products?

ClearFlex SDX seamless tubing: in stock, ship within 48 hours
ClearFlex SDX custom sleeves: 2 to 3 weeks depending on sleeve type/complexity and department workflow.
BFM fittings: in stock, ship within 48 hours.  If not in stock, BFM fittings must be manufactured and shipped in from BFM Global in Auckland, New Zealand.  Typical lead time is 5 to 6 weeks for Siftex to receive the goods and ship them.
Hi-Flex hoses: in stock, ship within 48 hours.  Production lead time is typically 2 to 3 weeks.
Seamless, mandrel-wrapped rubber tubing: in stock, ship within 48 hours.  Production lead time is typically 2 to 3 weeks depending on mandrel availability.
Sift-Sock fabric connectors: typically manufactured to order, lead time is 2 to 3 weeks.
Screen cleaning balls and devices: in stock, ship within 48 hours.  Production lead time is 1 to 2 weeks depending upon order quantity.
Corrugated rubber sleeves: in stock, ship within 48 hours.  Production lead time depends on mold availability and order quantity.
Catch-cloth vinyl tarps: typically manufactured to order, lead time is 2 to 3 weeks.

What diameters of seamless rubber tubing are available?

Seamless, mandrel-wrapped rubber tubing is available in diameters from ½” to 44.5” I.D. Available diameters and lengths are dependent on our having mandrels of the required size in our inventory. Click here for a list of available mandrels.
The wall thickness and internal construction of seamless rubber tubing can be adjusted to meet customer requirements. Siftex offers many types of rubber compounds. Each offers specific benefits depending on the application environment.

What does the SDX in Clear-Flex SDX stand for?

Static-Dissipating, ATEX compliant.

What is the difference between static-conductive and static dissipative?

Conductive = zero resistance to electricity flow; Dissipative= resistance below 1 gigOhm (1×109) such that the electrical charge moves through the material and dissipates into the atmosphere. There is not enough resistance to allow the charge to build up to the point of generating a discharge (spark).

What is the wall thickness of the corrugated rubber sleeves?

1/8” (3mm) typical. Diameters offered include 4”, 6”, 8” and 10” I.D. Lengths include 10.75” and 12” depending on the design selected. Click here for more information on Siftex corrugated sleeve products.

What other governmental regulations do Siftex products comply with?

FDA CFR 21.177.2600 paragraphs A to F for rubber products.
FDA CFR 21.177.1680 for polyurethane resins.
FDA CFR 21.177.1500 for nylon resins.
GRAS (Generally recognized as safe), GMP (Good manufacturing practices),
EU ATEX Zones 20, 21 and 22 per IEC 60079-0:2011: Clauses 7.4.2 & 26.13
EU FOOD SAFETY, Overall and Specific migration tests according to Commission Regulation (EU) 10/2011; plastic materials and articles, intended to come into contact with food.
Tested according to EN 13130-1 which describes the test methods for the specific migration of
substances from plastics to foods and food simulants and the determination of substances in plastics
and the selection of conditions of exposure to food simulants.

Where is Siftex Equipment Company located?

Our offices, warehouses and production facilities are located at 52 Connecticut Avenue, South Windsor, Connecticut USA.

Who is my sales and technical support contact?

Siftex provides an entire team of highly trained customer service and marketing reps to handle all orders, quote requests and inquiries.
Although any team member may assist you, each specializes in working with End-Users (processors), Distributors/Resellers, and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).