BFM® fittings


Reduce your flexible connector maintenance and changeout times by replacing
your band-clamp or fixed connectors with BFM fittings and connectors.


Snap-in, snap-out convenience in a variety of diameters, lengths and compounds…
and custom configurations are no problem! If you’re tired of maintenance issues and plant downtime caused by frequent connector replacement, BFM fittings are your solution.

  • No hose clamps means fast snap-in/snap-out convenience
  • Dust-tight connections means greatly improved dust control
  • Perfect fit means no leaks and better plant sanitation
  • Reduced dust and leakage means safer plant operation
  • Quick change-out means reduced plant downtime
  • Vacuum proof
  • Overpressure proof & explosion resistant

BFM® fittings under Vacuum & Pressure

BFM fittings can be used in vacuum applications. The connectors are available with snap-band cuffs which are rated to 40” W.G. The ideal vacuum application is one where the connector is either stationary or undergoing oscillating motion. BFM fittings are designed for positive pressure applications that are stationary or oscillating. The Seeflex material is extremely strong and capable of stretching 500% without rupture. We recommend the use of the Camlon outer jacket for applications where the connector is running under continuous pressure or the WM12K Kevlar Cover in overpressure and potentially explosive applications over the Seeflex material to prevent “ballooning.”

BFM® Connector Sizing & Compounds

BFM fittings are available in a variety of diameters, lengths and connector compounds. The BFM fitting system is composed of steel connector spigots and flexible connectors with matching molded end fittings that interlock with and disconnect from the spigots without the need of tools. BFM connectors are available in all spigot diameters (4 inch/100 mm, 5 inch/125 mm and 6 inch/150 mm through 26 inch/650 mm), and standard lengths of 4 inches (100 mm), 6 inches (150 mm) and 8 inches (200 mm). Custom lengths (up to stock material length limits) and tapered connectors are available by special order.

BFM® fitting Spigots

The BFM fitting system requires a steel spigot to be mounted to each equipment port, which then allows the BFM connector to be snapped in and out without tools or band clamps. BFM fitting spigots are available in 304L stainless steel and 316L stainless steel. Spigots are also available with a release-tool hole for industries that require it. A small hole in the spigot allows a rod tool to be used to start the removal of the connector from the spigot. A variety of spigot base forms are available to permit welding or bolting of the spigot to the equipment. The weldable spigot form can be adapted to nearly any mounting type.

  • Weldable tubing extension
  • QuickConnect™ modular flanges
  • Tri-Clover™ sanitary clamps
  • Standard flanges
  • Compression couplings
BFM® Guidelines
BFM® Applications

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