Crumb-Catchers for Commercial Bakeries


Choose the convenience and savings of turnkey catch-cloth installation.
We measure, design, fabricate and install catch-cloths based on your schedule
and budget. Innovative welded construction eliminates threads thereby providing stronger, more durable seams.

Siftex offers catch-cloths with innovative designs that are proven easier for your crew
to remove, clean and re-hang. Many of our designs for high crumb areas do not require cloth removal for cleaning. The result is a cleaner, more efficient and safer operation.

  • Catch-cloths keep your conveyor system & plant clean and safe.
  • Catch-cloths are easy to empty, clean & maintain.
  • Heavy duty vinyl-coated nylon cloth sections include brass grommets.
    Available in multiple colors.

Planning & Installation

Siftex will conduct a complete plant survey detailing your catch-cloth requirements.

1. There is a three to four week lead time to fabricate the vinyl catch-cloths after receipt of your purchase order.
2. Installation is scheduled during your bakery’s normal downtime. We work days, nights and weekends to meet your requirements.
3. Flexible payment plans are available to keep your budget.

Call your sales representative today to discuss your requirements!

Please reference our Support Page for these data sheets and more.