Clear-Flex™ SDX Custom Connectors


Clear-Flex™ SDX polyurethane is now available in new custom connector designs.
Our precision computerized cutting and welding technology allows us to turn your CAD drawing into a Clear-Flex™ SDX custom connector!

  • ROUND and SQUARE / RECTANGULAR flanged connectors with or without bolt holes.
  • TAPERED (conical) connecting sleeves with straight cuffs at each end.
  • ROUND and SQUARE / RECTANGULAR machine / bin / trough covers.
  • Connecting sleeves with stainless steel non-collapse rings.

Clear-Flex SDX Custom Connectors

These new products feature smooth, durable welded seams. This eliminates the risk of sewing threads wearing out or falling into your product. Contact your Siftex representative to learn more about how our computerized design, cutting and welding technology can help you spend less time with downtime!
(Our lead times are based on current production volumes)

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