Magnetically-Susceptible / Metal Detectable Products


Siftex’s metal-detectable products are made from a thermoplastic polyurethane compound that is both magnetically susceptible and enhanced for metal and x-ray detection. The compound used for screen cleaning balls is a proprietary, patent-pending formulation developed by Siftex. Connecting sleeve and roll goods products are manufactured using Magnethane™.
Magnethane is a trademarked product of Beltservice Corporation.

  • We offer a full line of metal-detectable polyurethane connecting sleeves and screen cleaning balls.
  • USDA/FDA acceptable for food and pharmaceutical processing.
  • FDA Acceptable per CFR 21.177.1680 & CFR 21.177.2600 for food and pharmaceutical contact.
  • Custom Magnethane™ compounds can be designed to replace common processing components.



Why switch to magnetically-susceptible / metal detectable screen cleaning balls and connecting sleeves?

In this era of food safety vigilance, food processors must adhere to increasingly stringent government guidelines. Keeping foreign material “surprises” out of our food and food ingredients is one of the industry’s most pressing ambitions. More often than not, the threat to food safety comes when some unwanted element, whether it be a fragment of metal, piece of rubber, plastic or grain husk enters a food or its package. Devices that enable processors to detect unwanted elements at desirable production speeds prove invaluable. They help to ensure product safety and quality. Plus, they reduce the risk of unwanted media attention and legal concerns.

Food processors have always been focused on minimizing this risk. Blue-colored plastic and rubber parts on processing equipment are part of a strategy to use visual inspection to locate foreign materials. White-colored and clear plastics which blend into the product are also popular.

Magnethane is a trademarked product of Beltservice Corporation.

Metal-Detectable Products

Magnethane™ Connecting Sleeves

Sifting and screening equipment utilize flexible sleeves for inlet and discharge connectors. MAGNETHANE’S detectability allows you to use your existing metal detection, x-ray screening and magnetic traps to keep component particles out of your product, particles that may otherwise have gone undetected in your finished goods until it was too late.

Dura-Ball MD Screen Cleaning Balls

With the Dura-Ball MD, standard in-line magnetic traps will capture virtually all particles, chips and fragments of the ball which escape the ball tray and enter your product stream. Siftex’s Dura-Ball MD is made from a homogenous blend of magnetically-reactive polyurethanes. The entire ball, from surface to core, has very strong attraction to magnetic fields. This provides greater safety and effectiveness than balls with steel cores.

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