PTFE Tubing & Sleeves


Siftex PTFE flexible connectors are safe for direct food contact and provide outstanding resistance to aggressive cleaning practices. Our selection of PTFE fabrics and flexible laminate films gives you the choice of breathable or dust-tight media.

Typical problems customers face when using flexible connectors:

  • Harsh Chemicals & Abrasive Materials
  • Extreme Temperatures
  • Outdoor Exposure, UV
  • Moisture, Mildew & Rot
  • Hard to Clean, Sticky Materials
  • Downtime

Our PTFE Sleeves are the Answer!

  • Excellent Resistance to Chemical Aattack
  • Outstanding Abrasion Resistance
  • Moisture Resistant, Won’t Mildew or Rot
  • Non-stick and Easy to Clean
  • Flex Fatigue Resistance

Types of PTFE


PTFE Woven Fabric PTFE Laminate
PTFE Woven fabrics are woven from expanded PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene), the most chemically and UV-radiation resistant yarn available. The release properties of PTFE act to help prevent build-up of contaminants, and also enables easy cleaning of the fabric. Years of outdoor exposure will not deteriorate the fabric as solar radiation will not weaken the yarn, nor will salt water, atmospheric pollutants, mold or mildew.

Siftex offers two types of 100% PTFE woven materials. Both are white and food-grade per applicable US and EC regulations.

– PTFE Woven Fabric
– PTFE Woven (Teflex®) Laminate

Our PTFE Laminate Film connectors have non-stick surfaces, resist most processing chemicals and can operate continuously at 600°F/316°C. The proprietary cross-laminated structure makes them resistant to tearing, and they are FDA, 3-A and EC compliant for food contact.

FDA-acceptable, non-stick, very flexible laminated film with outstanding resistance to harsh chemicals and solvents. Immune to outdoor environments and environmental aging. Ideal for use with harsh C-I-P chemicals and extreme temperatures.

All-Duct Flexible Ducting

All-duct is a PTFE flexible ducting product for all your needs and for any environment. All-duct is the most versatile duct on the marketplace and can be used in a wide range of challenging chemical applications and serves as an excellent barrier product in pressure service.

  • Corrosion Free
  • Upper temperature of 600° F/316°C
  • Excellent non-flammability properties
  • Wear-resistant metal ring exterior
  • Zero-porosity PTFE flexible component
  • Can include a static-dissipative surface
Texseal™ Gaskets for PTFE Connectors

Texseal™ Gasket Tape is a widely tested and proven way to seal liquids and gases of any kind in wet or dry service.

The highly fibrillated expanded PTFE exhibits excellent flexibility, compressibility and stability under high temperatures and high tensile strength. The chemically inert product resists creep relaxation and maintains a seal at extreme temperatures. Texseal™ Gasket Tape is a flat sealant designed for surfaces requiring a strip or full-face gasket.

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