Seamless Rubber Tubing


The right rubber compound makes all the difference in durability and wear. Siftex is your source for dozens of FDA and non-FDA rubber compounds. With hundreds of mandrel sizes in stock, Siftex has the flexibility to provide you with the seamless rubber tubing designed for your process:

  • Connecting Sleeves
  • Pinch Valves
  • Machine Transitions
  • Bulk bag filling bladders
  • Load-out Sleeves
  • Vibration Isolation

Our Most Popular Rubber Compounds Include


*Note: FDA Rubber Compounds Do Not Contain Phthalates.

Depending on your application, Siftex offers tubing and hoses:

  • Pressure-rated
  • Static-Conductive
  • Custom Vulcanized Rubber Sleeves
Custom Rubber Tubing

Additional diameters, constructions, and rubber compounds are readily available. Given the manufacturing process involved, there may be a minimum quantity requirement. Talk to our Customer Service team for details on ordering the seamless rubber tubing you require. In addition, we can offer a number of alternative products without minimum production limits.

Rubber Compound Products


Gum Rubber Best Seller for dry materials processing. Excellent abrasion and tear resistance.
Temperatures to 180° F (82° C).
Neoprene Rubber All purpose oil, grease and abrasion resistant. Temperatures to
212° F (100° C). Available in black static-conductive.
Carboxylated Nitrile Rubber The GREEN alternative to Neoprene. Safer for the environment;
doesn’t release chlorine gas during decomposition. Excellent abrasion
and oil resistance. Temperatures to 250° F (121° C).
Nitrile Rubber Best resistance to oil and grease as well as excellent abrasion resistance.
3-A Sanitary available. Temperatures to 250° F (121° C).
EPDM Rubber Handles acids, oxygenated solvents and wet or dry abrasive materials.
Suitable for outdoor exposure. Temperatures to 290° F (140° C).
Silicone Rubber Best for wet (wash-down) environments; dilutes acids.
Suitable for extreme temperatures from -120° to 450° F (-84° to 232° C).


Static Conductive Channel Tubing

Control static charges without the risk of wires contaminating your product. FDA-acceptable inside and outside product contact surfaces. Make cut-to-length
static-conductive sleeves quickly and easily. No static, no static worries! Our Unique static-conductive layer is an integral component of the tubing wall circumference.
Static conductive layer offers surface resistance of <.01 megOhms. Simply push a metal clip into each end and connect to metal spouting. Static-conductive
channel is located under the branding strip on the outside of the tubing.

Materials & Sizes

Available in two designs: 25 psi pressure rated hose, and lighter weight non-pressure rated flexible tubing.

Both feature a 1/8″ (3.2mm) thick, white FDA-acceptable rubber tube and grey neoprene cover.
Choose from the following tubing compounds to meet your application requirements:

  • White FDA Natural Gum Rubber
  • White FDA Neoprene
  • White FDA EPDM
  • White FDA Carboxylated Nitrile

If you looking for a non-FDA option Black Static-conductive Neoprene Tubing is for you. N55C is a high grade Neoprene rubber compound formulated to provide the properties of Neoprene – moderate oil resistance in addition to resistance to the elements. The incorporation of special black fillers provides a high level of electrical conductivity in the finished products as well as abrasion resistance. The compound is rated “conductive”.

Please reference our Support Page for these data sheets and more.